Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Another Week

My favorite calls at work this week:

Me: "Bail bonds.."
Subject A: "Hi, I need to know if my son has a warrant."
Me: "Okay, what's the name?"
Subject A: "Well I don't think I want to give you information about him if he has the warrant."
Me: "Alright please hold for two seconds while I go consult my crystal ball."

Me: "Bail bonds.."
Subject B: "Uh... uh.. hey. My boyfran had court today. He suppose to be der at 9. What had happened was he was sleep until 10:30. He went up der and now they tryna say he gots a WARRANT for failing to appear. You need to get this straightened out."
Me: "I'm sorry I made your boyfriend sleep in. Let me call the judge and explain."

In case you all didn't know, my occupation is "miracle-maker." And, for the record if you have a warrant and are calling us, we NEED your name to look it up in the system and I promise we will not arrive at your door in 2 minutes via GPS tracking. We like to think we're that awesome, but sadly we are not. This is the real world, not Criminal Minds.

Last week I had the greatest of intentions to blog about Thanksgiving and how excited I was for Black Friday shopping, but exhaustion quickly caught up with me. Thanksgiving Day was relaxing and fattening - the way it should be. We had many reasons to thank Jesus for this year, and we especially thanked Him for the healthy delivery of our new cousin Autumn Lynn Worth. She came at 4:01am Thursday morning and made her poor mama miss her daddy's yams fresh out of the oven. We went that evening to see the little peanut, and she's absolutely perfect. Congratulations Kristi and Greg! Not going to lie, I started to miss the days when Brinley was brand new, and I started flashing back to how special her birth day was to us. But then I looked down at my lots-to-love handles and suddenly my baby fever broke.

Let me tell you what, this baby weight is incredibly hard to lose. I haven't been able to keep up with my pilates because Harry Potter has been consuming my tiny bit of free time I have. I know, that's the worst possible excuse ever, but Kyle is making his mother and I catch up so we can see the new one. He gave us until December 4th to watch all 7 movies, and those suckers are at least 2 hours long EACH! I've only done pilates (once) so I'm not at the point where I don't need the instruction video, so I can't do pilates and Harry Potter at the same time... what's a woman to do!?

My sense of time is all thrown off this year. I can't believe it's already December. I think this is the first time I have ever been without snow this time of year. I'm begging for a white Christmas, so Mother Nature has 3 weeks to get it figured out. Ohio is insane, all we have so far is a little frost is the morning. But, I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love to play in it but I hate to drive in it. You would never be able to tell I'm from MinneSNOWta because I'm totally the girl driving 30mph with her hazards on while waving my arm out the window to get people to just pass me. I don't really mind driving in the snow itself, I just hate the people that ride my rear end and make me nervous. You may zip down the road as if it's 80 degrees and sunshine, but when I pass you because you slid into to the ditch I have full laughing rights. Slow and steady wins the race, big guy. However, catch me on my snowboard and that's a different story. ;)