Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh hey, remember me?

As many people know via Facebook, I have been working my tootie off to lose the rest of my baby weight. Yes, 9 months later I'm still battling the pregnancy aftermath nightmare. As much as I complain about not seeing my results, my clothes are starting to get saggy on me. On Wednesday and Saturday I go to bootcamp to see my personal trainer. I've never been pushed harder in my life. I recall a couple times actually falling over while trying to do one more squat, or praying to sweet baby Jesus the dumbbells don't fall on my face on my last rep. In between bootcamp sessions I run 3 miles at least 3 times a week at our gym. My biggest pet peeve are THOSE girls. 

How to spot THAT girl:
1. She has her hair down and not one hair is out of place. (It isn't a rats nest drooping on the top of her head with her bangs plastered to her face from sweat.)
2. She has thee cutest/matching newest line of under armor gear with her perfectly new shoes that look like they have never seen a real work-out. 
3. Little Miss Perfect walks to a machine and pumps her leg twice.. walks to the treadmill and walks for two minutes.. lays down (on a towel because heaven forbid her workout clothes get dirty) does 5 crunches - 10 on a good day! And through her really tough workout that she didn't even break a sweat from, she managed to drink an entire bottle of gatorade because she is soo tired. 
4. Then said THAT girl walks by you and gives you the look of death. Like "Oh my god look at how that girl is dressed. Look at how SWEATY she is.. she looks like that in public?"

I'm not a workout goddess by all means, but I can say that looking the part and just physically being at the gym isn't going to make the pounds melt away. If you're putting in the time, put in the work. Enough said. 

Anyways, on my longest streak of anti-blogger, Brinley has grown up so much. She now eats anything and everything she can get her hands on. Most of the time its actual food from mine or her daddy's plate, but we've had to dig many things out of her mouth (cardboard coasters, rocks, tags, toilet paper or her favorite - butt wipes - unused of course). She discovers many things now that she's been crawling for a month. And let me tell you, this baby is quick when she's on a mission! She covers some square footage. It's exciting to see her learning and growing up healthily, but it breaks my heart to see my baby girl getting so big. The cliche is so worn out that "time flies" but children put a whole new meaning to the term. I already look back on her pictures of when she was "younger" aka 3-4 months ago and say "Look at how small she was!" 

I hope it's not a decade before I'm motivated enough to sit down and blog again. I always feel so relieved afterwards, like I couldn't wait to get all this off of my chest. I know I'm kind of strange like that. Welcome to my crazy life!

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